Update sample stainless steel DUPLEX

That is the DUPLEX stainless steel being used in Europe instead of the traditional steel SUS 304, SUS 316L, 904L in the industries making use of stainless steel tanks, pressure tank, outdoor architecture, wharves….

This is considered a wise alternative that Europe (which prefer high quality) options, specific situation effective in stainless steel prices do not escalate because of scarcity of nickel.

In terms of price, Duplex comparable or cheaper than the traditional steel grade, however, the bearing strength is about double, we can save material consumption by way thinner thickness 25-30 % of consumers carry at traditional steels. With this know-how, can reduce the minimum quantity consumption 25-30%, with a mean decrease minimum distribution price by 25-30%.
Considering the possibility of chemical corrosion resistance, corrosion Duplex steels traditionally cheaper equivalent. Duplex Nickel content of accounts for mot.5% -5% of the price should not be affected by Duplex Nickel prices are very volatile now, besides carrying high levels of chromium, carbon good control (0:02 to 0:03 %), are more Supplementing molybdenum, manganese, typically nitrogen, the whole creating Duplex stainless steels for corrosion resistance perfect chemistry.

Duplex stainless steel should be used in applications DUPLEX:

– Compulsory use durability (Durability), the bearing (strength) high.

– Distribution tanks (tank), tank pressure (Pressure vessel), towers (towers), frames (frames) ,,,

– Temperature of use: -30 ° C to +250 about oC
Duplex stainless steel DUPLEX not recommended in these cases:

– Cryogenic equipment below – 30 ° C, or high-temperature environments above 250 ° C.

– Forced a high degree of shaping

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